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2008 Town Hall: Translating Breast Cancer & Environmental Research into Action

Program Presentations

9:35 - 9:45

The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers: New Information from a New Approach to the Conduct of Science (transcript)
Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD
BABCERC Director; Director of Population Sciences and Deputy Director, UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center: Professor and Co-Chair, Dept of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, UCSF

9:55 - 10:45

Moderator: Paul Yaswen, PhD

The Role of the Scientific Method in Rational Decision Making (audio with slides or transcript)
Paul Yaswen, PhD, BABCERC Co-Investigator, Biology Study; Staff Scientist, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Models to Study Mammary Stem Cells (transcript)
Mary Helen Barcellos-Hoff, PhD, BABCERC Co-Investigator, Biology Project;, Senior Scientist/Deputy Director, Life Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Location! Location! Location! How the Neighborhood Contributes to Breast Development and Cancer (transcript)
Zena Werb, PhD, BABCERC Principal Investigator, Biology Project; Professor and Vice Chair of Anatomy, UCSF; Member, UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center

Environmental and Genetic Determinants of Puberty A Mid-Project Report from the CYGNET Study (audio with slides or transcript)
Lawrence H. Kushi, ScD, BABCERC Principal Investigator, Epidemiology Project; Associate Director for Etiology and Prevention Research, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California

11:15 - 12:00

Moderator: Karen Goodson-Pierce, JD

CBCRP CBPR Grants and Initiatives (transcript)
Marion H. E. Kavanaugh-Lynch, MD, MPH, Director, California Breast Cancer Research Program

Community-based Research for Environmental Justice (transcript)
Carla M. Perez, Northern California Program Director, Communities for a Better Environment, Oakland, CA

The Right to Know in an Era of Toxic Ignorance: Ethical and Scientific Challenges for Reporting Back Personal Exposures to Environmental Chemicals (transcript)
Rachel Morello-Frosch, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management & School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

12:30 - 1:15

Moderator: Jo Ann Johnson, MPH

AB 1108 - Protecting Children from Toxic Toys: Local and State Victories Lead to a National Campaign (transcript)
California Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, CPA, Assembly District 12; Majority Whip

SB484 and the California Nail Salon Collaborative's Efforts to Advance Worker Health and Safety in Nail and Beauty Salon Sectors in California (transcript Liou/Mendiratta, transcript Beals)
Julia Liou, MPH; Anuja Mendiratta, MES, Co-founders, California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative and Yvonne Beals, Senate District Representative, Senate District 3

1:15 - 2:00 Exposing a Toxic U.S. Policy (transcript)
Mark Schapiro, Editorial director, Center for Investigative Reporting, Berkeley, CA ; Investigative Journalist and Author of new book - Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What's at Stake for American Power

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